GAMING FOR GOOD – Charity tournament.

About us!

GAMING FOR GOOD – Charity tournament which was oragnised by “Fnatic” and “Villager Esports”. Because of corona virus quarantine lock down period going on in india there is nothing for entertainment, so for both entertainment for charity purpose this tournament was of PUBG Mobile and held in PUBG Mobile gaming community of india. Fan favourite and various other teams were invited in this tournament. The matches were also Live on YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile which is “PUBG Mobile india official” and also popular app “Loco”. Fans were excited to cheer up for their favourite teams and also learn professional skills of professional players.



The tournament was from 3rd April to 5th April.

Day 1:-

Match 1 – sanhok 3:00pm

Match 2 – Erangel 4:00pm

Match 3 – Miramar 5:00pm

Match 4 – Erangel 6:00pm

Match 5 – Vikendi 7:00pm

Match 6 – Erangel 8:00pm

~ Same as Day 2 and 3.


Tournment ended up at day 3. After overall standings the winner was Team

1st. “TSM ENTITY GAMING. Giving a tough compitition to Team TSM ENTITY GAMING”

2nd. the runner up team was “Team SouL”. And

3rd. the third team which is a nepali did not give up was Team “ELEMENTRIX”.

GAMING FOR GOOD – Charity tournament Champions are :- TSM ENTITY GAMING.

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