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What is gaming?

Gaming is a unique platform or field where by playing games by live streaming or joining E-sports you can earn money. As this website purely follows Indian Gaming Community, india is still on growth of Gaming but recently past 2 years before india has also got a boost in Gaming because as we know the game “PUBG Mobile” has bought a massive attraction towards this gaming field. Before the release of “PUBG Mobile” gaming already had big base where many and big organizations invested for forming a team for the game “Counter-strike”. And after the massive growth in “PUBG Mobile” the organizations are now also investing towards this. Also streaming had a major role in gaming too. Basically gaming is divided into 2 parts:-

  1. Streaming

Streaming is a platform where you can play games while going live to showcase skills, talent, etc. Or just purely entertain your viewer audience which comes to see you and judges you how familiar you are to them. Streaming needs dedication and hardwork and also innovative ideas for how to impress your viewer audience every day. In Indian Gaming Community streamers like Carryminati, Dynamo Gaming, Mortal, Scout, etc. Are top streamers of india and are motivation for beginners those want to start streaming.


2. E-sports

E-sports is gaming platform where studying or mastering for a particular game and making your skills to a professional and then competitive your skills with other professional players in competitive tournaments which are organized by various companies. Tournaments have a specific prize pool or prize money for the winners and for the runner ups. Various and big organizations hire professional players and form up teams which are being payed for their deserving. Foreign gaming organizations like Fnatic and TSM have already entered and hired teams and now are representing Indian Gaming Community and also our Country India.

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